Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 13 - On To Prague!

Today was a travel day for us.  We checked out of the hotel in Krakow and were on the road at 9 (ish).  We stopped for a "Bio-Technical Break" just after crossing the Czech border, and then once again for a quick lunch stop in Brno around 2.  We got into Prague about 5 (there was construction that slowed us down).  It was a kind of a long day on the bus.

After checking in we mostly hung out or walked around the immediate vicinity.  Our hotel is close to the Opera House and National Museum and not too far from Old Town.

The plan for tomorrow is a city tour in the a.m., then we will leave a little early for our 5 p.m. Mass and concert --- before we get to the church we are going to stop for a group photo in some to-be-determined picturesque spot.

I think for a lot of us there's a feeling of.... turning the corner and heading for home.  We've been gone for 2 weeks tomorrow and while we are having a great time, it will be nice to be sleeping in our own beds in a few days.

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